The Beginning

True Fellas was brought to life by founder Suren in Dortmund in 2019 with the vision "LIFE, HISTORY & CULTURE INTO STREETWEAR".

Jumped in at the deep end, learned and tried a lot. With the first production we got a lesson right away and lost the entire start-up capital.

After that we started from the beginning with the printing of blanks.

First 'HYPED' Piece

We got our first big attention with our tea "trust me mom I got a vision" in 2020 based on 'look mom i can fly' by Travis Scott.

With this piece everything got more serious and started to roll.

New Partner


In 2022 we teamed up with the largest German publisher in the sneaker and streetwear sector to become more professional and grow.

We share our hometown Dortmund, felt the same vibe and had the same vision.

The new chapter of the brand started with a new logo.

New Production

In 2023 we focused on finding a new partner to raise the quality of the pieces to the highest possible level and to be more flexible.

After incredibly long months of searching, we finally have it in May done.

The kickoff with the Momentum collection starts on June 23rd.